Learn to sail

Introduction to Sailing (2hours) €85

This course shows you the basics of sailing. It is generally enough to get you sailing across the wind, turning round and coming back. With basic safety covered in the course and a safety boat in attendance this will answer the question of whether you want to Learn to Sail or just brush up to see what you have forgotten. You will sail the boat under the watchful eye or right beside your qualified instructor.

Learn to sail (3 x 4hours) €275euros

This course is a comprehensive grounding in the sport of Sailing. Following the syllabus of the RYA this course should enable you to grasp all points of sailing as well as basic safety and learning your limitations. You will be sailing your boat under the watchful eye of your qualified instructor. Successful completion of the course may result the awarding of RYA certification at the appropriate level. RYA logbook is included in the price.